Winter Camp friendships that last long after summer ends

One of the best things about Winter Camp is that it offers you an opportunity to hang out with many new people you may not meet during the school year. And connecting with new, enthusiastic, and like-minded people can be a wonderful experience in and of itself. We believe making friends at Winter Camp is an essential part of the overall camp experience, and it helps a person groom his/her socializing skills at an early age.

Winter Camp activities that are fun and help your child get active!

In our Winter Camp, we focus on keeping your child’s mind and body active with complete focus on his/her overall growth. The campers enjoy daily camp activities with adequate time for active play and games. Our unique program also combines a martial arts curriculum that is sure to be something your child will enjoy. A Winter Camp with multiple benefits that will make him/her more fit, active and alert.

Program Instructors